Considering an inflatable seal application?

inflatable sealsDo you have a current project that requires good sealing characteristics but where a high closing force is not available?

We can design appropriate bespoke inflatable seals where ingress of noise, dust, dirt, moisture and fumes would otherwise cause problems. Through the application of air pressure we can expand the seal, forcing rubber bead against a mating surface to provide the ultimate seal.

We have designed seals for a wide range of applications such as door seals on underground trains to keep noise levels to an acceptable level, platform seals on vessels at sea to prevent water and weather ingress, even seals on filters inspection panels for the dust extraction industry.

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Our knowledgeable and design team have many years’ experience of specifying and designing inflatable seals and would be delighted to advise on any upcoming project and assist in the production of the finished project. Why not contact them now or call 0161 655 0303.

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