Construction growth leads demand for glazing seals.

elastomer extrusions manufacturer, bespoke manufacturer UKAs we come out of recession, construction projects are increasing by the day and creating opportunities for us to showcase our design and engineering skills in the production of a wide range of rubber extrusions, manufactured specifically to meet the very high standards of performance required by our customers in this sector.

All of our products fulfil national and international standards of quality, safety and performance. Window seals are available in a number of profiles and thicknesses and can be used in conjunction with glass, acrylic and perspex.

We offer popular solutions for glazing applications including glazing strip, fabricated glazing gaskets and complex ladder gaskets and curtain wall systems which are mainly used on offices and large retail developments. We also have a wide range of door seals available.

Elsewhere in the building we can produce bespoke wall fenders and guard rails which help protect the fabric of the building, especially where there is heavy usage, including potential vehicle and trolley damage.

If you have any upcoming construction projects, we’d be delighted to provide the benefit of our experience to specify the correct rubber profiles for your needs.  Our knowledgeable team are always available to discuss in more detail.

Contact us for more information or call 0161 655 0303.

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