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Leyland and Birmingham
We are proud that the long manufacturing tradition of Leyland and Birmingham extrusions for the transport industry and beyond has been maintained, now under the Nufox parent brand.

Leyland and Birmingham Rubber Limited has been existence since the late 1800’s and as a result we are able to  draw on knowledge and experience dating back to the earliest beginnings of the UK rubber industry.

We have developed our capabilities through investment, innovation and driving change and now we have a core expertise in manufacturing extruded rubber profiles, primarily for the vehicle and train manufacture sectors, but also across the industrial spectrum from general engineering through marine, construction, transportation and defence, from blue chip to SME’s.

Today, our manufacturing plant is situated near to the M62 in Middleton, Manchester. Using state of the art production equipment and processes backed by our engineering and technical expertise, Leyland and Birmingham Rubber products are produced by Nufox Rubber who are focussed totally on customer needs, client satisfaction and the very best after sales support.

With a huge knowledge resource we offer superb support and development facilities. Consult us for expert application advice from compound selection to manufacturing options and for graphics to aid visualisation of your concept. We are often approached by customers who have come across archived drawings bearing the Leyland and Birmingham name and are able to help them with the supply of legacy products to re-fit existing applications.

We have a flexible production programme which allows us to meet urgent deadlines. Our highly experienced design and production staff are always on hand to provide advice and guidance on whatever project you may have in mind, working from drawings supplied or in replicating samples provided.

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