No limit to our bespoke sealing solutions

At Nufox, we pride ourselves on being able to work with our customers to deliver highly effective, tailored solutions in profile engineering, sealing systems and rubber fabricated components.

Part of our success is the desire to get involved in a project from the inception, to enable our technical team to assess the needs of the customer carefully and develop designs that we will meet the specific requirements established.

We can work to develop an entirely new product with virtually no limits to materials, shape or size, but are equally at home working from drawings or re-engineering from a sample provided.

Our expertise as a rubber extrusions supplier has helped us develop profiles from round, square and rectangular sections through to complex shapes with internal bridge work.

Materials are as always an important consideration and we will make a detailed review of the application and advice on the best possible option to use. An initial product prototype will then be developed in the chosen material and will be taken to ‘fit and function’ trials.

rubber fenders manufacturerOnce approved, the product can be taken into production and the manufacturing programme scheduled, with a detailed quality control and inspection process.

We continually look to improve our production lines with a policy of continuous improvement and this is reflected in our constant focus on quality and manufacturing best practice.

So if you have an upcoming project in mind, our knowledgeable team is ready and waiting to help you realise your ideas.

Why not contact us or call 0161 655 0303 today.

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