Our expertise as a rubber extrusions supplier has helped develop profiles from round, square and rectangular sections through to complex shapes with internal bridge work, designed to match the precise needs of our customers.

All formulations for our rubber extrusions, from standard grade EPDM to the highest spec Viton®, are carefully matched by our technical staff to the production lines for optimum cure speed and maximum efficiency. This means our rubber profiles benefit not only from high quality and high performance materials but also have closely controlled costs and timelines.

As a specialist rubber extrusions supplier we can boast a capability extending from intricate tight-tolerance seals in high specification materials, through door, window and capping seals, to tough impact resisting buffers and rubber fenders, we supply industries as diverse as food and pharmaceutical, building, transportation, marine and defence with rubber extrusions closely matched to their needs. Ongoing investment in our production lines and a policy of continuous improvement reflect our focus on quality and manufacturing best practice.

Rubber extrusions supplier of the following:

  • ‘D’ section
  • Double ‘D’ section
  • Round ‘U’ channels
  • ‘P’ sections – hollow and solid
  • Cord and tubing sections
  • Edging strips
  • Seal sections
  • Rubbing strips
  • Clip strips
  • Cable protectors

Other detailed options can be made to order – please contact our design team.

Whether small volume through our pilot plant or bulk manufacture through our high-speed units we will find the correct rubber extrusions for your needs. Extrusions can be designed in partnership with customers and can often be reverse engineered from small samples of used profile. Design assistance can be offered in many cases. Profiles can be fabricated with other materials, where required.

Standard rubber extrusions can ordered through our online ordering system. Take a look here.

rubber extrusions supplier

For further information on rubber extrusions, contact us now.

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