Here at Nufox Rubber, as a specialist rubber fabrications manufacturer, we believe we provide unparalleled expertise in the specification and manufacture of a wide range of solutions for our customers.

We specialise in creating complex rubber fabrications such as ladder gaskets, compensating seals, inflatable seals and baffles using craft skills developed over many years.

This has allowed us to be at the forefront of bespoke rubber product manufacture for the construction, transportation, power and defence sectors. In particular, our attention to detail and reputation as hand-craft specialists, means that we continually set the industry benchmarks.

Nufox applies new standards of excellence to the traditional techniques of forming, reinforcing, joining, shaping and inflating rubber fabrications for industry.

Our rubber fabrications capability evolves continuously and our expertise centres on the creation of structures, large and small, using a combination of polymeric and other materials.

In our dedicated fabrication department, our design experts can work to your plans and drawings, or alternatively we can reverse engineer your particular requirement from damaged, broken or worn out physical examples that you may provide.

As a result we can take your concept through design, sampling, to finished product in-house and in total control.

Our fabrication processes include:

• Shaping uncured profiles and sheeting and vulcanizing on formers producing complex 3D shapes.
• Bonding cured profiles to fabrics, plastics and metals to manufacture inflatable assemblies for pharmaceutical, environmental, marine, transport and defence industries.
• Bonding fabric reinforced sheeting into 3D shapes to make gas storage balloons, fire prevention equipment, fire and rescue products and leisure equipment.

Standard rubber extrusions can ordered through our online ordering system. Take a look here.

Our knowledgable technical team are always on hand to provide the benefit of their considerable experience, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have on any projects involving rubber fabrications that you may have now or in the future. All you need to do is ask.

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