vulcanised o rings manufacturerNufox are a high quality extruded and hot vulcanised O rings manufacturer, (joined o-rings) with high tolerances on dimensional accuracy and material consistency. Such products are used in a wide variety of different OEM applications where the cost of a moulded seal (especially tooling) is prohibitive.

These custom made parts are manufactured using Nufox’s in-house extrusion facilities; the compounds used achieve market leading levels of ‘compression set’. The highly developed hot vulcanisation process developed by Nufox, gives custom extruded products very high joint strength. Typically, our joint strength is 80-90% of a fully moulded product, yet gives shape, profile, flexibility and speed of turn-round!

Nufox offers extruded and vulcanised O rings (solid core and hollow core) in a range of different sizes and materials – depending on the customers’ specific specification.

Examples of size include standard BS and Metric Cross Sections as well as “made to order” customer specific Cross Sections.

Examples of materials traditionally used include NBR (Nitrile) and EPDM as well as other organic polymers.

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