Nufox are a bespoke aircraft lifting bags manufacturer – providing a versatile inflatable lifting system for use in recovering aircraft, manufactured in stackable cube or wedge configuration.

Our aircraft lifting bags are made with tough polychloroprene coated dropthread fabric for high lateral stability and to ensure the contact faces remain flat for effective cushioning and even weight distribution. This provides excellent security during towing.

The inflatable components resist weathering, including at coastal locations, and will withstand contact with hydrocarbons. Pressure relief valves to avoid over inflation are fitted as standard.

Our construction method ensures efficient inflation with minimum connections and hose deployment, so contributing to operational safety. When stored correctly these units can have a shelf life in excess of 20 years.

Aircraft lifting bags – specification overview

Insertion height per element: 90mm
Inflated height per element: 200mm
Lifting Capacity: up to 40,000kg
Working pressure: 0.5 bar
Safety factor: 6:1

aircraft lifting bags
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