Nufox are a specialist air lifting bags manufacturer, producing a wide range of options both standard and bespoke, tailored to clients exacting standards of durability and across a number of key applications. Detailed below are just some of the projects with we get involved.

Vehicle Air Lifting Bags

Our air lifting bags are built for strength and reliability.

We use only test-proven materials; heavy duty fabric coated with Grade 1 Hypalon® rubber and grip-face lifting surfaces on the main unit to ensure power lifting with minimised slip risk and protection of your asset from corrosive spills.

Air lifting bags can be used in the recovery of overturned vehicles, to assist vehicles running in soft terrain where the standard jacking devices are not suited and are used by various military forces for vehicle recovery and similar tasks.

Special Air Lifting Bags

Certain specialised applications require their own design solution.

For example, lifting heavy plant, moving loads inside containers or ships, lifting trees, timber or pylons, raising collapsed scaffolding, sub-sea salvage and underwater pipeline positioning.

For all of these and more, we have the technical and manufacturing capability to deliver your solution and woudl be happy to discuss your precise requirement.

High Pressure Lifting Bags

Our lay-flat air lifting bags are rated up to 38,000kg lifting capacity.

Grip-top surfaces maximise slip resistance and lock bags together when stacked.

High-tech reinforcing fibres and advanced polymeric compounding backed by a rigorous quality and test programme, deliver the performance industry professionals have come to rely on for on-site efficiency and safe operation.

Our highly experienced design team would be delighted to advise on any upcoming project you may have and assist in design and production of the finished project.

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For more information on air lifting bags, please contact us now.

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