Nufox are a specialist rescue rafts manufacturer, manufacturing the reputable Eurocraft brand and are a trusted supplier to emergency rescue organisations, including fire brigades, coastguards and mountain rescue teams across the UK and overseas.

We manufacture rescue rafts designed as towable high capacity floating platforms with flat rear access for safe and comfortable rescue of disabled, elderly people or those with reduced mobility.

The detailed design of the rear platform has been created so as to be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Our Eurocraft rescue rafts feature grab handles and tough construction materials with impressive wet slip resistance, giving the utmost confidence to both rescuers and rescued which makes the recovery process easier and safer.

The stowed raft has been designed to be highly portable and will quickly inflate at the rescue site from standard compressed air cylinders to ensure there is no delay in commencing a rescue.

Eurocraft rescue rafts from Nufox are constructed with an inflatable floor made from drop thread fabric giving a solid  stable base giving better footing for both rescuers and rescued alike

Rescue rafts specification

Capacity: 20 persons seated
Inflation pressure: 3 psi (0.2 bar)
Relief valve: yes
Stowed dimensions: 110cm x 90cm x 50cm
Weight: 63kg

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