We are a rescue sleds manufacturer producing a highly versatile Pathfinder rescue platform for the secure recovery and transfer of casualties from shallow water, mud, and snow or other areas not accessible by conventional rescue craft.

Our rescue sleds are exceptionally manoeuvrable and provides a stable working base for marine rescue, which is easily towed, paddled or guided by line transfer. Using Swiftwater rescue techniques, Pathfinder is a highly effective recovery platform in fast flowing water.

Pathfinders can double up using a twinning rig to form a unified highly stable catamaran to accommodate up to 3 stretchers across the hulls. Twinned sleds operated by two rescue personnel significantly reduce risks in hazardous situations.

Tough and sturdy when deployed, Pathfinder rescue sleds are also fully stowable and can be carried comfortably in a standard backpack. Manufactured using the highly stable drop thread fabric resulting in a highly buoyant and solid platform for rescuers to work from.

We are proud to be a supplier of these sleds across the UK and beyond to emergency rescue organisations, including fire brigades, coastguards and mountain rescue teams amongst many others.

Rescue sleds specification overview

Deployment dimensions: 3.1m x 1.0m x 0.15m
Stowed dimensions: 0.66m x 0.25m dia.
Weight: 10kg
Buoyancy: 4.5kN
Lift capacity: 200Kg

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rescue sleds manufacturer

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