From concept, through design, tooling, technical input, manufacturing, on-line or off-line processing, final inspection to warehouse and shipment, our systems are individually and collectively focussed on meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding expectations.

Nufox have state of the art, manufacturing lines for rubber profiles and engineering facilities to create, design and produce all process tooling in-house and our own dedicated technical resource. This means that whether your rubber profiles are 30g per Meter, or over 30kg per Meter in standard EPDM, high grade FKM or an intermediate grade you can rely on Nufox to deliver a quality solution, expertly engineered to meet your requirements.

Our processes include:

  • Traditional pan curing in lengths up to 3.5 metres, allowing for preforming into customer specified shapes, rings, bow fenders etc.
  • Constant Vulcanized profiles which exhibit a cleaner finish and can be offered in long lengths up to a few hundred metres dependent upon profile size and ease of handling.
  • Shaping uncured profiles and sheeting and vulcanizing on formers producing complex 3D shapes.
  • Bonding cured profiles to fabrics, plastics and metals to manufacture inflatable assemblies for pharmaceutical, environmental, marine, transport and defence industries.
  • Bonding fabric reinforced sheeting into 3D shapes to make gas storage balloons, fire prevention equipment, fire and rescue products and leisure equipment.
  • Salt bath cured profiles (another type of constant vulcanization process) giving better costings due to the higher manufacturing speed achievable

We can take your concept through design, sampling, to finished product in house, with complete control throughout. We have dies to produce rubber profiles both solid and hollow; a few of which are bespoke. Many dies are Nufox owned and therefore can be offered without development cost.

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