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nufox vintage busThis industry is a vast market place; covering new & old – cars & buses to vintage cars & buses.

A name synonymous with this area of expertise is LEE HEALEY which formed in 1933 has led to our craftsmen’s ability today to produce hand crafted products to meet the requirements of the car enthusiast needs for authenticity.

We are making today parts which would be recognisable to workers decades ago on assembly lines in Longbridge, Cowley, Browns Lane, Dagenham and many others throughout Europe and beyond. We regularly deal with vintage car clubs for several makes and models including Aston Martin, Mini and Jaguar, to name but a few.

Enthusiasts will send is their damaged hoses and we can reverse engineer drawings make the pre formed bars required to shape the product and hand make them including branches, convolutions anti chafe pads and “ageing factors” for the authenticity to modern functionality.

We also produce glazing gaskets for OEM’s for specialised vehicle, bus and train manufacturers. In addition we offer our reverse engineering capability to produce glazing gaskets for legacy vehicles.


We offer a wide range of products including:


Hand-Crafted Shaped Hoses for Radiators, Breathers and Fuel Filler Connections.

We have a tooling archive of over 2000 formers, some relating to vehicles built in the 1920’s.

Solid tyres

  • Solid Rubber Tyres for Prams and Light Trucks
  • Britannia® Puncture Proof Wheelchair Tyres.
  • Cycle Valve Tubing , Handlebar Grips

You can also download our vehicle market presentation here.

radiator 150

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