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A Wealth of Knowledge in Rubber Products for the Rail Industry

Rubber Prodcuts for the Rail Industry
Rail Rubber Products

Market Leaders in the Rail Industry for 30 Years

Nufox Rubber's reputation within the rail industry comes from providing effective solutions from concept to completion for new builds and mid-life refurbishments.

Our engineers and technical experts have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of this industry, which underpins our manufacturing capabilities, including material and rubber profile selection and, above all, quality.

We work to and comply with EN 45545-2, BR568, BS6853, NFF16-101, APTA130, DIN 4102, UL94-V0 and other national and international fire safety standards.

Urgent deadlines are met through our flexible production programme.

Bespoke Rubber Products for Trains in the UK
Rail Rubber

Our Rubber Products for the Rail Industry

  • Door seals.
  • Glazing strips.
  • Gaskets.
  • Edging trims.
  • Bespoke fabrications.
  • Cable capping.
  • Insulation sleeves.
  • Gangway diaphragms.
  • HVAC fabrications.
Our Process

Bespoke Rubber Solutions for the Rail Industry

We treat every project with care and imagination to make sure we specify the optimum solution.

The extensive range of manufacturing capabilities ensures we can create the ultimate end product without compromise and with quality central to all our thinking.

Rubber for Tube Trains in the UK
Bespoke Rubber Solutions for the Rail Industry

Rail Refurbishment Programme

A client approached us to replace the various rubber seals in the carriages as part of a refurbishment programme.

The Problem
The rubber seals were aged and had lost their capabilities, resulting in draughty windows and doors and excessive noise in the carriage, impacting passenger comfort.

The Solution
Nufox Rubber reverse-engineered the various profiles based on samples taken from the carriages, prepared a new series of drawings, and then produced samples for fit and function.

We used the latest compounding technology to ensure compliance with current regulations and improved performance.

Where applicable, seals were redesigned to accommodate the constant friction and distortion experienced in service, thus extending their longevity.

The Result
The train provided had draught-free carriages, with rubber seals compliant with the latest regulations and a longer lifespan.

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