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Rubber Fenders

Rubber Fenders from Nufox Rubber
Rubber Fenders, Buffers and Strakes

High-Quality Rubber Fenders, Buffers and Strakes

Nufox Rubber is a specialist rubber fender manufacturer providing a range of high-quality rubber fenders, buffers and rubbing strakes to your design or popular format.

We manufacture using only first-grade compounds ensuring your extruded fenders meet the application and environmental requirements. Our rubber fenders provide optimum impact resistance and are the perfect solution for a range of applications.

Rubber fenders can be supplied in compounds to suit special requirements, and they are available with custom colours and coloured inserts.

Bespoke rubber fenders can be made to order, from cable protectors to wall protection.

Our continued investment in our manufacturing capabilities means we are now able to offer fenders and buffers up to 400mm plus.

Our experienced design team is available to handle your enquiry and will be delighted to help with any forthcoming fender project.

We’d be happy to discuss the many rubber fender profiles we can provide, either out of stock designs or bespoke.

Manufacturing a Rubber Fender in the Nufox Rubber Factory UK

Where Are Fenders Used?

The primary function of a fender is to protect something. They are used in a wide range of sizes, from small buffers on the back of transit vans to huge fenders which protect shipping at ports.

Fenders are used to protect:

Jetties, pontoons, piers, quay-sides.

Military patrol boats, work boats, fishing boats, pilot boats, submersibles, ribs or leisure craft.

Walls, they are particularly useful in highly trafficked areas of buildings where vehicles and trollies can cause damage to the infrastructure, for example, in hospitals, warehouses, loading bays and car parks where wall corners and delicate installations need to be protected.

  • Harbour walls and dock-gates
  • Safety Barriers
  • Other applications include:
  • Traffic calming: Our extruded products are also specified for use as traffic calming measures in car parks and other built-up areas where speed restrictions are in place.
Our Process

Exceptional Craftsmanship Through a Wide Range of Products

We treat every project with care and imagination to make sure we specify the optimum solution. The extensive range of manufacturing capabilities ensures we can create the ultimate end product without compromise and with quality central to all our thinking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Process Work?

We can take your concept through design, sampling, to finished product in-house, with complete control throughout. We have a number of processing options, and our total in-house control of design, manufacturing and tooling ensures that we can maintain timelines and achieve your delivery expectations.

Are Your Products Bespoke?

Yes. At Nufox Rubber, we provide a product compatible with your design and functional requirements.

Are There Minimum Order Quantities?

No, but many of our products require tooling development, processing machine setup, and compound selection. So the costs involved in this process must be allocated to the project. If a small quantity is required for fit and function, this can be accommodated.

What Are The Lead Times for a Product?

If the product is a new development requiring tooling, this can often be less than four weeks. However, this can be longer if the project is complex and requires a specially formulated compound. Once we have your enquiry, we can give you an indicative production time.

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The Design Process

Read more about our process of a project - from design to quality

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