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Rubber Extrusions Made in the UK

We design and supply all sizes of rubber extrusion profiles, such as round rubber extrusions, square, rectangular, d-section, l-extrusions, p seals, square-u, t-profiles, tube sections, angle extrusions and many more.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Lines for Quality Rubber Extrusions

Nufox Rubber is a rubber extrusions manufacturer based in Manchester, UK; we supply custom extrusions worldwide. We design and supply all sizes of rubber extrusion profiles, such as round rubber extrusions, square, rectangular, d-section, l-extrusions, p seals, square-u, t-profiles, tube sections, angle extrusions and many more.

Our team creates custom rubber extrusions in-house for each client, and the process varies widely due to the variety of products.

We take pride in representing multiple industries and possess a deep understanding of their unique requirements.

Vernier on a Profile for a Rubber Extrusion

Custom Rubber Extrusion Manufacturers in the UK

Custom rubber extrusions are manufactured by forcing rubber material through a specialised tool called a die. We force the rubber through the die and cure it, resulting in an extruded length of rubber with the desired profile or shape.

The extrusion dies themselves are metal channels that render a specific cross-sectional shape as the rubber material moves through our dedicated machine.

We have designed many dies for many solutions, consistently producing a smooth extrusion with the desired product dimensions. Although most of our dies are bespoke to each project, we can offer stock rubber tubes and cords up to 70mm in diameter.

When rubber is between solid and liquid, it has a thick, sticky consistency and elasticity, which affects its behaviour. This is known as viscoelastic.

Part of Nufox Rubbers' responsibility is to set a uniform size and shape as we produce the end product—the rubber extrusion itself.

Sophisticated Rubber Extrusions

Nufox Rubber has expertise in producing more sophisticated rubber extrusions, including complex shapes with internal bridge work to match the precise needs of our customers.

Our continuous vulcanisation lines produce high-quality extruded sections quickly and efficiently, enabling timely delivery.

We can produce various custom rubber extrusions - from tight-tolerance inflatable seals and rubber window seals to buffers and rubber fenders.

Read how Nufox Rubber is constantly striving for the perfect rubber extrusion.

We love explaining the processes behind rubber extrusion products to our customers, so just contact us to learn more.

Joining Rubber Extrusions

Nufox Rubber has the capability to join our rubber extrusion produced using a curing process. This process involves the cross-linking of polymer chains, which results in the hardening and toughening of the rubber.

To join two rubber extrusions together, uncured rubber is injected into a tool that holds each end. The rubber is then cured to create a strong joint or corner.

Every product we produce is rigorously inspected to meet quality standards. For each project, Nufox Rubber ensures that the rubber extrusions match industry requirements.

Inside the factory of Nufox Rubber extrusion manufacturer
Sizing products with a venier
Round Rubber Extrusion Length

Rubber Extrusions for Global Industries

We design and manufacture custom rubber extrusions for a range of industries, such as

Our team of experts is always ready to provide design advice. Whether you need small-volume production through our pilot plant or bulk manufacturing through our high-speed units, we will find the right rubber extrusions to meet your specific needs.

Nufox Rubber offers a collaborative design service for rubber extrusions. We can even reverse-engineer them from small samples of used profiles. In addition, we are capable of fabricating profiles with other materials if required.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ongoing investment in production lines and continuous improvement policies. We follow best manufacturing practices to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality products.

Rubber Extrusion Profiles

The term ‘rubber profile’ simply refers to the 2D cross-section of a rubber extrusion, so the shape. When referring to rubber profiles, we are generally talking about rubber extrusions.

Rubber profiles are often not round, ring-shaped, or rectangular; they are more

unconventional shapes manufactured by extrusion through dies of cross sections.

Extrusion profiling is one of the largest volume processes for rubber processing. It is used for products ranging from pipes to window seals and medical tubing.

A wide variety of products can be made, so the process itself has many variations.

Sponge Profiles and Solid Profiles

Sponge profiles are industrial rubber products for shock absorption, sealing, and cushioning. The strength-to-weight ratio of a sponge profile is high and rebounds well. Sponge profiles are softer and less compression-resistant than solid rubber.

Rubber extrusions, known as solid profiles, are strong and stable and come in various sizes and shapes. They can be customised to meet your needs. Solid rubber profiles are harder and more resistant to compression than sponge profiles.

Industrial rubber products are available in silicone, neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, and TPE. These products are highly flexible and can be designed to meet your requirements. However, testing would be required to ensure the desired outcome.

Rubber Products Designed by Nufox Rubber

Extrusion Development

Our highly knowledgeable technical team works closely with our clients to determine the best designs and materials for your custom rubber extrusion. We have developed our production processes to cater to the specific needs of our customers. Our approach is often described as "Imagineering" because we focus on creative problem-solving beyond routine tasks.

Hatch seal

Rubber Extrusions for Sealing

Nufox Rubber has years of experience designing and manufacturing a wide range of rubber products. Our expertise includes creating extruded rubber seals and gaskets for windows and doors that can be used in rail, coach, automotive, or construction industries and customised rubber seals suitable for marine and defence applications. We deliver high-quality products that meet requirements.

High-quality, bespoke rubber extrusions.

Silicone Rubber Extrusions

Our dedicated silicone lines are manufactured using compounded materials to withstand extreme temperatures between -80ºC and +200ºC. Our silicone extrusions are available in a range of colours and hardnesses, making them ideal for use in various settings. Whether you're looking for a flexible material or a long-lasting solution, our silicone products are the perfect choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Process Work?

At Nufox Rubber, we offer a comprehensive range of rubber processing options that enables us to take your concept from design all the way through to a finished product. This means we have complete control over the production process, allowing us to maintain timelines and meet your delivery expectations. With our in-house manufacturing, tooling, and design capabilities, you can trust that your project will be in good hands.

Are Your Products Bespoke?

At Nufox Rubber, we offer products that meet your design and functional requirements.

Are there Minimum Order Quantities?

While some of our products don't require special development or setup, many of them do. This may involve developing specialised tools, setting up processing machines, and selecting specific compounds. As a result, there are costs associated with these processes that need to be allocated to the project. However, if only a small quantity of the product is required for fit and function, we can accommodate this.

What is the Leadtime for a Project?

If the product is a new development that needs tooling, the production time can often be less than four weeks. However, if the project is complex and requires a specially formulated compound, it may take longer. Once we receive your enquiry, we can provide you with an estimated production time.

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