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Vulcanised O-rings

Rubber O Rings
Design and Manufacture

High Quality Extruded and Hot Vulcanised O-rings

Nufox Rubber manufactures high-quality o-rings with high tolerances for dimensional accuracy and material consistency.

These o-rings are commonly used in various OEM applications where a moulded seal, especially tooling, is too expensive.

Custom-made parts are made in-house using Nufox Rubber's extrusion facilities. The compounds used to manufacture these products achieve market-leading levels of compression set. Thanks to Nufox Rubber's highly developed hot vulcanisation process, the custom extruded products have very high joint strength.

Typically, joint strength is 80-90% of a fully moulded product, yet it gives shape, profile, flexibility, and speed of turn-around.

The Fabrication of Rubber Products in the UK

A Variety of Rubber O-ring Sizes and Materials

Nufox Rubber provides a wide range of extruded and vulcanised o-rings in different sizes and materials to meet its customers' specific requirements. These o-rings have either a solid or hollow core, and their sizes include standard BS and Metric Cross Sections as well as customer-specific cross sections made to order.

The o-rings are typically manufactured using materials such as NBR (Nitrile), EPDM, and other organic polymers.


Exceptional Craftsmanship in a Range of Rubber Products

Nufox Rubber prioritises quality and tailors each project to ensure the best solution with no compromises, thanks to its extensive manufacturing capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Process Work?

Nufox Rubber takes your concept through design, sampling, and finished product in-house, with complete control throughout.

We have many processing options, and our total in-house control of design, manufacturing and tooling ensures we can maintain timelines and achieve your delivery expectations.

Are Your Products Bespoke?

At Nufox Rubber, we provide a product compatible with your design and functional requirements.

Are There Minimum Order Quantities?

Many of our products require tooling development, processing machine setup and compound selection. So, the costs involved in this process must be allocated to the project. But this can be accommodated if a small quantity is required for fit and function.

What Are the Lead Times for a Rubber Product?

If the product is a new development requiring tooling, this can often be less than four weeks.

However, if the project is complex and requires a specially formulated compound, this can take longer. Once we have your enquiry, we can give you an indicative production time.

Case Studies from Nufox Rubber

The Design Process

Read more about our process of a project - from design to quality

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