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Custom Rubber Extrusions UK

High-quality, Bespoke Rubber Extrusions

High-quality, bespoke rubber extrusions.
Developing Your Solutions in Rubber

Imagination Meets Practical Engineering

Imagination meets practical engineering.
UK Rubber Products Manufacturer

Proudly Engineered and Manufactured in the UK

Proudly engineered and manufactured in the UK.

Our Brands

Custom rubber extrusion manufacturer in the UK - Nufox Rubber
Nufox Rubber

UK Manufacturer of Rubber Extrusions

Nufox Rubber is well known in the UK for manufacturing rubber extrusions in all shapes and sizes. We create rubber solutions, beginning with the measurements and ideas for your part or project. Then, we choose a rubber compound that ensures your product is most effective in its final application.

The compound is forced through a chosen shape under high pressure, resulting in a continuous piece of material with the same cross-section throughout its length. The extrusion is vulcanised to set the rubber, then cut into lengths.

The process of rubber extrusion produces perfectly uniform shapes with little waste. Compared to other materials, extruded rubber is relatively low-cost and durable. Just ask us here at Nufox Rubber.

Nufox Rubber strives for the perfect rubber extrusion.

Our Process

Fabrication of Innovative Rubber Products

Our team of experts build unique rubber products tailored to your specifications. Nufox Rubber loves finding solutions for your design challenges.

Rubber is an incredibly versatile product. It can resist the effects of chemicals, temperature, weather, impact, and abrasion. It is also waterproof, soundproof, and dustproof.

The rubber compound can be formed into any shape you desire. From design to delivery, all under one roof at our production facility located in Manchester, UK.

Rubber manufacturing process
Rubber processing at the Nufox Rubber factory in Manchester, UK

Rubber Products for Your Industry

Nufox Rubber commonly serves the marine, automotive, construction and civil engineering, oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical and medical, defence and rail industries.

We will likely have a solution when you are facing a design challenge. We love to take on rubber product design and find a fix.

Nufox Rubber Products

Our production facility has multiple alternative production solutions that enable us to develop rubber products that suit your design.

We can manufacture fenders, gaskets, tubing, cords, inflatables, seals, o-rings, and seals for windows, doors and hatches—all in our fabulous rubber of differing toughness. We can offer a vast range of rubber compounds suitable for all environments.

Rubber products manufacturer in the UK

Our Rubber Development Capabilities

Our rubber development capabilities are unlimited - we can fabricate vast and minute products.

Over the years, we’ve built on the traditional techniques of forming, reinforcing, joining, shaping and inflation to develop our tested methods.

Nufox Rubber can reverse engineer from damaged examples to construct and replace broken or worn-out rubber pieces.

Rubber Product Design Process

We're here to help you find a solution made from rubber. We work with your ideas and ensure the precise fit for your final application.

Our team of rubber design experts will find a solution - we have limitless imagination.

We’ll provide a rubber compound for the perfect solution - it could be soft, flexible rubber or more rigid for durability, hollow or solid, depending on the products’ final placement.

We can create anything from rubber, and the Nufox Rubber team is enthusiastic about the process.

About Nufox Rubber, Manchester, UK - The Nufox Rubber Team in the Plant

About Nufox Rubber

Nufox Rubber is proud to be based in the historic industrial city of Manchester, UK. We conduct our entire custom extruded rubber production operation in our state-of-the-art factory facility, from development through manufacture to delivery. We invest in the latest technology and train our teams to use it to its full potential.

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The Design Process

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