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Industrial Inflatables

Industrial Rubber Gas Balloon - Nufox Rubber

Industrial Rubber Inflatables for Over 30 Years

Today’s engineering problems present many challenges that need to be solved.

Nufox Rubber has assisted with solutions using our knowledge, development and deployment of industrial rubber inflatables for diverse environments.

The low-pressure, high-volume units range from the size of a pizza box to a couple of double-decker buses.

Rubber inflatables' capacity ranges from storing gas to restricting fluids, gases and airflow - some have capabilities for lifting and exerting controlled pressure.

Eurocraft Inflatables - Inflatable Rubber Balloon Produced by Nufox Rubber

Inflatable Rubber Skills

Nufox Rubber is carrying forward skills and craftsmanship developed over more than 30 years.

With new investment in technical and engineering resources to support our production team, we have created a true centre of excellence at our factory in Manchester, UK, for industrial inflatable applications.

Here at our plant, we have the full facilities to develop and manufacture quality inflatable products for UK and overseas.

In addition to supporting emergency rescue organisations, including fire brigades, coastguards and mountain rescue teams, together with other industrial and military applications.

Our entire range features first-grade materials and products engineered for strength and durability, manufactured under a quality management system certified by Lloyd’s Register to ISO9001:2015.

In addition to our standard range, we are happy to discuss customised solutions for specific operational requirements.

The range of industrial inflatable rubber products includes

  • gas storage balloons,
  • fluid and gas containment seals,
  • aircraft nacelle,
  • stress testing bags,
  • dunnage bags,
  • void-formers,
  • vacuum mould liners and
  • lifting bags.
Our Process

Exceptional Craftsmanship for Inflatable Rubber Products

We treat every project with care and imagination to make sure we specify the optimum solution.

The extensive range of manufacturing capabilities ensures that we can create the ultimate end product without compromise and with quality central to all our thinking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

We can take your concept through design, sampling, to finished product in-house, with complete control throughout. We have a number of processing options, and our total in-house control of design, manufacturing and tooling ensures that we can maintain timelines and achieve your delivery expectations.

Are your products bespoke?

Yes, at Nufox we provide you with a product that is totally compatible to your design and functional requirements.

Are there minimum order quantities?

No, but many of our products require tooling development, processing machine set up and compound selection. So the costs involved in this process have to be allocated to the project. But if a small quantity is required for fit and function, this can be accommodated.

What are the lead times for a product?

If the product is a new development requiring tooling, this can often be less than four weeks. However if the project is complex and requires a specially formulated compound, this can be longer. Once we have your enquiry, we are able to give you an indicative production time.

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The Design Process

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