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Construction and Civil Engineering

International standards of quality, safety and performance.

Curtain Walling
Construction and Civil Engineering

We have been key suppliers to the construction industry for over 30 years

Civil engineering deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the built environment.

Nufox works with design, engineering and material technologies to deliver rubber extrusions mouldings and fabrications to meet the most demanding performance criteria. We manufacture to national and international standards of quality, safety and performance including flame resistance.

With our focus on customer needs and our commitment to service you can rely on Nufox.

We supply rubber products into the construction industry for civil engineering projects including power plants and road & rail infrastructure.

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Products for building projects

  • Glazing strip
  • Glazing seals
  • Fabricated glazing gaskets
  • Curtain wall and filler strip
  • Door seals
  • Fenders
  • Wall protective fenders
  • Flooring expansion joints

We specialise in quality products delivered on time.

We treat every project with care and imagination to make sure we specify the optimum solution and the extensive range of manufacturing capabilities ensure that we can create the ultimate end product, without compromise and with quality central to all our thinking.

Dock Seals
Water Valve
Flood Defense

Waterway and pipeline projects

  • Canal lock gate seals - We supply a wide range of shapes and sizes of Rubber Lock Gate Seals for Dam and Canal
  • Flood Protection Seals - We supply seals for Flood Barriers
  • Inflatable Seals - For sealing leaking sluices
  • Valve Seals - For controlling fluid flow in pipelines
  • Penstock/ sluice gate seals: - Seals for valves which control water or sewerage
  • Dams and Flood Gate Seals - P and D section seals
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