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Lee Healey

The Lee Healey Collection of Rubber Hoses for Classic and Vintage Cars
Lee Healey - Rubber Hoses Designed and Manufactured in the UK

Lee Healey in the Nufox Rubber Family Since 2007

We are proud that the long manufacturing tradition of Lee Healey radiator hoses and glazing trims for classic and vintage cars has been maintained, now under the Nufox parent brand.

The Lee Healey Company Ltd was formed in 1933 by Charles Lee and Ebenezer Healey.

Equipment, materials, processes and working conditions have all been developed and improved.

Still, the skills to hand-craft shaped, branched and bell-ended rubber hoses have been carefully nurtured and passed down through successive workforces and are now in our capable hands in the Nufox Rubber factory in Middleton near Manchester.

Lee Healey Rubber Hoses in Different Sizes
Lee Healey Rubber Hoses Manufactured in the Factory in Manchester UK
Rubber Hoses in Different Shapes for Classic and Vintage Vehicles

Lee Healey Rubber Hoses Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the UK

The Lee Healey replacement rubber hoses are suitable for classic and vintage cars from 1918 to the 1970s.

Our modern premises allow us to continue to manufacture radiator hoses, heater hoses, breather hoses, rubber seals, trims and glazing strips for classic and niche bespoke new-build cars, trucks and buses.

These parts would be recognisable to workers decades ago on assembly lines across Europe and today are in high demand amongst the vintage and classic car enthusiasts community who still regard Lee Healey as an important source of replacement parts for their treasured vehicles.

We are incredibly proud to be continuing the Lee Healey tradition and will be happy to assist you in any element of vehicle restoration within our product range.

If we don’t have existing tooling, we can start with a sample of the part you need to replace and reverse engineer a drawing, die or former and re-create your component in modern materials.

Lee Healey's technical team have extensive experience and looks forward to being of assistance.

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