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Our Process

We take your rubber project
from concept to final product.

Rubber Products Designed by Nufox Rubber
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Customer Concept

From the start Nufox works closely with our customers to realise their objectives creating the ultimate end product without compromise.

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Material Selection

At Nufox our experienced technical teams have access to a large portfolio of tried and tested compounds developed over decades. New compounds can be formulated as required.

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Product Route

Our extensive state of the art range of extruders, presses, fabrication facilities and vulcanisation methods cater for the processing of most solid rubber products ensuring the optimum processing method.

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Our in house tooling design and manufacturing facility combined with our in depth knowledge of the complex processing characteristics of rubber enables a rapid turnaround in tooling production.

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Prototype Development

Processing parameters to achieve the correct product are established and a prototype produced.

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Customer Approval

An agreed quantity of product can be provided for evaluation and feedback.

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On approval the product is scheduled into production in liaison with the customer to meet delivery requirements. All our main processes are in house so production plans are within our control enabling supply in a realistic time frame.

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Follow Up

We believe it is important that there is on going communication between Nufox and the customer regarding the effectiveness of the product. This ensures we continue to provide the best products for given applications and improves customer support.

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Compound Receipt

At Nufox, quality is at the core of everything we do. All of our Compound suppliers undergo a thorough assessment to determine their suitability and we operate a continuous evaluation process.

On receipt, our highly skilled technical department evaluates and checks the incoming material to ensure conformance.

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Compound Testing

Compound and product testing is carried out as required in our extensively equipped laboratory to confirm compliance with customer specifications.

Where appropriate, bespoke tests are designed to suit a particular product to ensure fitness for purpose and are carried out either in house or in conjunction with the customer.

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Preparing for Production

To ensure consistency of supply, once production parameters are established, they are recorded and issued with each order.

The operator confirms that he has the correct compound for the job and records the batch numbers so that Nufox has full traceability.

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Pre-Production Checks

Prior to commencing production the operator checks to ensure that the product is the correct size. Rubber is an elastomer and therefore, despite the many controls used in compounding, variation is inevitable. Our operators are highly skilled in visual inspection and adjusting speeds, temperatures and pressures to ensure the product is within tolerances, these adjustments being recorded for subsequent production.

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Dimension checking and visual inspection is carried out continually during production.

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Final Inspection & Packing

At this stage, the product will have its final check dimensionally, visually and for specific physical properties such as hardness.

Nufox use a number of packing methods to meet customer requirements.

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Either the customer can make their own arrangements, or transport can be arranged by Nufox on their behalf.

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