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25 Jan 2024

Striving for the Perfect Rubber Extrusion

Striving for the Perfect Rubber Extrusion at Nufox Rubber

What is a Rubber Extrusion?

Rubber extrusion is a manufacturing process in which we shape rubber material into a one-long profile by forcing it through a specialised tool called a die.

Extrusion is a standard process in rubber product production, and using the technique, we can produce many shapes and sizes of seals and tubes.

Various shapes or cross-sectional configurations can be produced, known as profiles - the physical form or outline of the rubber products. Profiles can be designed to meet many functions and structural requirements.

Here's an overview of the rubber extrusion process.

Compound Selection

The rubber compound is a mixture of elastomers and chemicals (curatives, flame retardants, pigments, lubricants, etc). Following exacting standards and using the experience we’ve gained over 30 years, Nufox Rubber would select an appropriate compound.

We need to achieve exactly the right physical properties, such as hardness, elasticity, and resistance to heat or chemicals, to achieve your product's required performance and longevity.

The Extruder

An extruder is a machine consisting of a barrel (a hollow chamber), a screw, and a die (the mould). The rubber compound is fed into the extruder and heated as it travels so it softens. The rotating screw applies pressure and forces the softened rubber through the die, shaping it into a continuous rubber profile.

Die Design

Our die establishes the shape of the extruded rubber - the long, continuous form produced by the extruder. We can design dies in many shapes and sizes, producing many different profiles. Profiles could be square, round, or any other shape the customer requires.

Cooling and Curing

The rubber extrusion then undergoes a cooling process to set it into shape. Specific project requests may also require curing - a controlled application of heat and pressure to fix the extrusion's shape.

Depending on requirements and final end use, the extrusion can be shaped or formed, before curing in a steam autoclave. Alternatively, it can be cured immediately after extrusion in a continuous process called CV cure. In both cases, the rubber is cooled in a cold bath to enable manual handling and minimise shrinking.

Cutting and Finishing

Now the rubber extrusion is cured and cooled; we can cut it into specific lengths or shapes, or it may be sent for further processing, for example, turned into gaskets. Specific finishing processes, such as surface treatments, may occur.

Quality Control

Throughout the process, we test and check to control the quality of the extruded rubber products. We must meet the required specifications and standards.

The Challenges We Overcome in Rubber Extrusion

The customers we serve have many different requirements, as rubber extrusions can become a solution for various problems.

Rubber extrusion can create complex profiles and is suitable for a wide range of rubber materials.

Therefore, many projects we take on at Nufox Rubber involve bespoke manufacturing to solve particular problems our clients encounter that off-the-shelf solutions cannot solve.

We must consider what the final product will be subjected to - weather, hit rate, stretching, heat, all things that can affect the rubber structure.

Nufox Rubber strives to produce rubber extrusions that last for years. That is our aim every time we design and manufacture a product.

Rubber Extrusion Manufacturer with The Perfect Solutions

Rubber extrusion is cost-effective for high-volume rubber product production.

As a rubber extrusion manufacturer, Nufox Rubber undertakes many bespoke projects across industries like marine, automotive, aviation, construction & civil engineering, oil & gas, food, pharmaceutical & medical, defence and railway, nuclear and chemical.

We aim to create the perfect rubber extrusion for each project and customer.

Over the 30 years we’ve been in operation, we have had extensive experience with projects large and small.

High-quality, bespoke rubber extrusions.

Case Studies

Inflatable Seal Inspection Fixture (October 2023)


Inflatable seals were not functioning as expected in real-world applications despite being fully compliant with the drawing. The engineering team at Nufox Rubber investigated the problem and created an additional fixture for inspection.


Nufox Rubber used 3D printing technology to produce a tube with an O-ring that would allow the inflatable seal to be securely attached for testing. The 3D-printed fixture was designed to mimic the exact dimensions of the application and the installation process. Nufox Rubber tested their inflatable seal using the fixture in-house before shipping, meaning any potential defects or issues are captured before the seal is sent to the customer.


This improved the quality control process and ensured a happy customer receiving only fully working, high-quality, inflatable seals. It highlights Nufox Rubber’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, as well as our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

Fire Suppression Bags (November 2023)


A leading ship operator requested an innovative fire suppression solution that could be easily deployed in various sections of the ship, including engine rooms, storage areas, and public spaces. They required a system that offered quick response times, minimal collateral damage, and easy maintenance.


Nufox Rubber’s engineering team worked closely with the ship operator to understand their specific requirements. Based on the analysis, we designed marine inflatable fire suppression bags. The bags were engineered with a robust yet flexible fabric-reinforced polymer blend, which enabled the bags to expand rapidly and achieve full inflation within seconds when triggered by a fire detection system.


The bespoke solution offers unparalleled advantages over traditional fire suppression systems, including their rapid response, enhanced mobility, and easy maintenance. By partnering with Nufox Rubber, the ship operator significantly enhanced its fire safety capabilities, protecting crew members, passengers, and assets on board.

Metal Detectable Cord (August 2023)

Rubber Extrusion Challenge

NUFOX was faced with an urgent request from a valued customer: they needed an FDA Metal Detectable Extruded Cord – a unique product that had to be created in a very short timeline. None of the available materials from Nufox Rubber's compounders could be obtained for at least three weeks, which was not fast enough to meet the customer's demands.


Nufox Rubber combined an FDA Cream EPDM from their inventory with a detectable additive. They developed and trialled the compound in-house, ensuring it met the customer's exacting specifications, including the FDA requirement.


The highly skilled team completed the whole process flawlessly in two days and achieved an impressive, smooth finish. Nufox Rubber's success in exceeding customer expectations has resulted in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, reinforcing its position as a leading provider in the industry.

Each challenge tests Nufox Rubber's ability to design, specify, and produce to exact requirements. And we love to go the extra mile to achieve the desired solution.

‘Imagineering’ the Perfect Rubber Extrusion

Every day, we see our team imagine and engineer solutions to the most complex problems. That’s why we often use the phrase ‘Imagineering’ to describe the detailed processes our highly trained designers and production engineers undertake.

They aim to ensure the final product is of the highest quality and fits the bill perfectly.

Designs from Your Samples and Drawings

Whether we work from samples, working drawings or your blue sky thinking, you can be sure that we will select the appropriate compound to ensure the performance of your design is achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Our Production Lines and Equipment

We continually invest in our staff and production lines with a continuous improvement policy leading to manufacturing best practices.

Industries in Which Rubber Extrusions Can Be Useful

Nufox Rubber works with a wide range of sectors, solving a myriad of sealing issues, and we simply love the challenge of tackling engineering issues for our clients and ‘getting things right’ the first time.

If you have a project in the pipeline, why not contact us to arrange an informal, no-obligation chat?

Nufox Rubber will be delighted to help you with rubber extrusion decisions, design and manufacture.

Case Studies from Nufox Rubber

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