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Protective Rubber Shroud Results in 0% Scrap and Six-figure Cost Saving

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Achieve a 0% Scrap Rate, for an Annual Saving of Over £100,000

Nufox Rubber takes great care in handling every project with imagination and attention to detail, ensuring that we specify the best possible solution. With our extensive range of manufacturing capabilities, we can create the ultimate end product without compromising on quality, which is always central to our thinking.


Protective Rubber Shrouds for High Pressure Valves

One of our highly valued customers requested a visit from Nufox Rubber on very short notice to discuss the supply of protective shrouds needed for high-pressure reactor valves during installation on nuclear submarines.

Each valve costs approximately £35,000, and even the slightest damage can render it unusable and result in its scrapping.

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Proudly Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the UK

We supply customers across the industrial spectrum, from General Engineering through marine, construction, transportation, and defence, from Blue Chip companies to SMEs.

Creating bespoke solutions across an ever-increasing breadth of industries and applications, our highly knowledgeable technical teams go the extra mile to source the most effective designs, materials, and production processes to ensure every project completely meets the customer's needs.

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