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New and classic vehicle glazing, hoses and trims.



We are market leaders in the niche automotive industry.

Our range of supply in this industry is extensive, from parts for new build bespoke vehicles to replacement parts for vintage and classic vehicles.

Our customers include manufacturers of new build, niche, specialist vehicles and car clubs. We supply OEM parts for in service vehicles and refurbishment projects. We use the latest compounding technology to ensure our products are compatible with current lubricants, fuels and operating conditions and comply with present day standards.

Our Lee Healey brand, a name synonymous with expertise in the classic and vintage vehicle field, produces hand finished products which more than meet the requirements of the motor car enthusiasts need for authenticity.

Vintage Bentley

Classic and vintage vehicles

We produce a variety of hoses, windscreen rubbers and trims for vehicles dating back to the 1900’s. Our reverse engineering capability can be applied to any rubber part required for classic, vintage and legacy vehicles. We work from the customer’s sample or drawing to re-produce the part.

Due to the complexity of the process we can only supply to car clubs and speciality distributors.


We specialise in classic and vintage automotive parts

We treat every project with care and imagination to make sure we specify the optimum solution and the extensive range of manufacturing capabilities ensure that we can create the ultimate end product, without compromise and with quality central to all our thinking.

Aut Veh
Aut Veh 2

Autonomous vehicles

We are working with a number of companies in the area of autonomous vehicle development.

While this technology is cutting edge in most areas, our knowledge and experience in the mass transit area is beneficial to door systems. In addition to HVAC hoses and specialised tube for battery manufacture.


Our range of products include

Products Hoses


Hand-Crafted Shaped Hoses for Radiators, Breathers and Fuel Filler Connections. We have a tooling archive of over 2000 formers, some relating to vehicles built in the 1900’s.

Windscreen Rubber

Windscreen Rubbers

Custom manufactured range of profiles for glazing gaskets and window rubbers.

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