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28 Mar 2022

Rubber D Fenders protecting on 
land and at sea

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Whether you need to provide rubber D fenders for harbour walls and other marine applications or to protect buildings from a wide range of potential damage, we have the products and detailed expertise to help you, with a range of high quality rubber fenders, buffers and strakes produced to your precise specifications

These are highly robust providing optimum impact resistance, which in the marine arena enables us to help protect jetties, pontoons, piers, and quay-sides and they stand up well to exposure to air and sea water.

We are also very active in the construction world where we can have developed wall protectors for highly trafficked areas where vehicles and trollies can cause damage to vertical surfaces over time. These fenders are typically specified in hospitals, warehouses, loading bays and car parks where wall corners and delicate installations needs to be protected. Indeed they can also be used in car parks as traffic calming measures, low cost sleeping policemen to enhance safety. More detailed information here.

Our designers and technicians have detailed experience in all these areas and we can advise and specify not only the format of rubber D fenders but also the appropriate specification and compounds required for each application. Contact us now for further information.

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