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Nufox Rubber Heritage

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Nufox Rubber Heritage

Once vulcanisation had been discovered, the manufacture of rubber goods rapidly expanded. Charles Macintosh’s award-winning stand at an 1851 exhibition displayed rubber products that had never been available before, setting the company on the road to financial security.

Dunlop Rubber, Once Located on Cambridge Street in Manchester
Macintosh Cropped
Nufox Rubber Heritage

The Cambridge Street Site

By this time, Charles Macintosh was based at Cambridge St. Manchester; these premises became the home of Dunlop Rubber in 1925 as it broadened its business into the general rubber goods trade.

Dunlop Extrusions are now proudly part of the Nufox Rubber family of brands.

The Cambridge Street site, which is now upmarket apartments, still displays the Dunlop signage.

Manchester became a major centre for rubber processing because of its cotton industry and the use of rubber to waterproof cloth.

Nufox Rubber Heritage

By 1851, Rubber Waterproofing of Cloth was Underway

By 1862 James Quin, described as an India Rubber manufacturer of Leyland, was running a significant rubber manufacturing operation which eventually became The Leyland Rubber Company in 1883.

Nufox Rubber Flag with Logo
Nufox Rubber Heritage

Leyland and Birmingham Joined the Nufox Rubber Family in 2001

In 1898, there was a further expansion with the amalgamation of The Birmingham Rubber Company, forming the company we know today as the Leyland & Birmingham Rubber Company.

The Hancock family firm, James Lyne Hancock Ltd, which operated from the Goswell Road site from 1820 until 1939, was taken over by the British Tyre & Rubber Company (BTR). BTR then eventually merged with The Leyland & Birmingham Rubber Company in 1969.

Leyland & Birmingham joined the Nufox Rubber family in 2001.

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